With regular daily use and exposure to high humidity levels, there may be no more important place in your home for a high quality stone or tile installation.

Our professional team can design and construct the perfect setting for your relaxation and rejuvenation.

A fresh, relaxing bathroom will enrich your daily routine

Steaming hot showers and baths can wreak long term havoc on your home's busiest room, and our professional stone and tile team can make any bathroom an enjoyable place to refresh and rejuvenate yourself, while providing highly attractive and durable finishes that will stand the test of time.

Almost any surface can benefit from our services

Every time you exit a hot shower or bath, you are exposing nearly every surface in the room with extremely high moisture levels. Over time, this can cause major damage, requiring regular maintenance and repair. Our professional team can make your bathroom not only one of the most beautiful rooms in your home, but one of the most resilient to the daily rigors of life.

A few of the options we can offer include:

  • Stone or tile walk-in showers or baths
  • Stone or tile walls
  • Stone or tile sink surrounds and splash guards
  • Stone or tile wall or window accents

The options are nearly limitless - please call or write to us for more information!